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In future Workshops / Courses, with your cooperation, we are confident of conducting more important topics for you people. We have a lot more innovative topics, which will kindle not only your interest but will help you in your day today business decisions and organisational growth.

Kindly go through our titles ( Modules ) which are developed based on the feedback from the participants. Alternately just send your requirement ( Topics ) by E mail or through our Contact Us Link and you will receive the course content as per the participants level.

Kindly include the following in your E mail or use our contact format
1 Company address and location.
2 Contact person(s) Name and Designation.
3 Number of participants with categories.
4 Approximate Average Age Group.
5 Educational Levels.
6 Titles preferred, if known or General content requirements.
7 Approximate Date, Time. and Venue.
8 All other details, which you feel necessary.

Go through the samples and ask for details on selected Topic
1. 5S for Good Housekeeping Practices
Cleanliness, orderliness, and safety are important to an efficient and productive workplace and should be standardized through proper training. This can be achieved only if proper 5S training is given to entire cross section of the organization and good housekeeping is practiced at work, be it at the office or in the factory, and even at home. 5S, in only a Japanese format of housekeeping.

These are : Seiri, Seiso, Seiton, Seiketsu and Shitsuke.

What will you learn? This programme will create an awareness of good housekeeping practices and their benefits.
Course Outline 1. What is 5S ?
2. Importance of 5S
3. How to practice 5S?
4. Benefits of 5S
For Whom Gardener, to CEO of the organisation.To everyy area of business including Catering, Hospitality industries and Educational Institutions.
Duration 6 Hrs Min
Certification A Certificate of Participation (optional) on a minimum attendance of 75%.
2. Benchmarking
Benchmarking as an improvement tool, to understand what benchmarking is and why it’s important. What benchmarking standard is & how to implement. What cost to benchmarking and how to use benchmarking data.

What will you learn? The search of the best practice that leads to superior performance. A proven technique for continuous quality improvement
Course Outline Definition
Establishing Operating Targets
Establishing Productivity Programmes
Closing the Gaps
Management Commitment
Organisation Communication
Employees Participation
For Whom Supervisors,Managers to CEO
Duration 6 Hrs / 3 Hrs Min
Certification A Certificate of Participation will be issued to those who attained a minimum attendance of 75%.
3. Foundation Skills for Team Leaders & Supervisors
What will you learn? This introductory course provides an excellent introduction to the principles of effectively managing people. A proven technique for continuous organisational climatic improvement
Course Outline

With more variations in topics as per the participants requirements
• How to plan, organise and control the work team with greater success.
• The principles of motivation and leadership.
• How to apply effective leadership skills.
• How to identify potential problems and deal with them effectively.
• How to make sound decisions.
• How to delegate and make more effective use of time.
• How to introduce and implement a good communication style.
• How to introduce and manage change.
• How to control costs more effectively.
• How to control Wastes more effectively.
• How to handle aggression in others.
• How to give and receive constructive criticism.
• How to improve interpersonal skills with the work team, senior
  management, colleagues and customers alike.
• Basic presentations skills.
For Whom New / Old Supervisors,Managers / Union Leaders
Duration 12 Hrs / 6 Hrs / 3 Hrs Min
Certification A Certificate of Participation will be issued to those who attained a minimum attendance of 75%.
More ...
For similar details on any of the following courses contact nmcQC. Sup = Supervisor and Section in-charges / Mgr= Managers / UL= Union Leaders
Srl.No Course Modules / Titles Duration Participants
1 5S - Good Housekeeping for Safety & Productivity 3/6 Hrs Gardner to CEO / UL
2 Behavioral Rigidity and Entrepreneurial Inclination Of Entrepreneurs 3 Hrs Small / Med. Entrepreneurs
3 Benchmarking 3/6 Hrs Sup / Manager / CEO
4 Change - An Essential Prerequisite Of Progress 3 Hrs Employees / UL & Students
5 Communication for Industry & Marketing 6 Hrs Operators/Sups/Mgrs / UL
6 Competitive Advantage Through Creativity 3 Hrs For Everyone
7 Continuous Improvement – Kaizen 3/6 Hrs Ind. Employees & Students
8 Customer Relationship Management 3 Hrs Sups /Mgrs / Mktg. / Sales & Service
9 Doubling Your Productivity 3/6 Hrs Sups /Mgrs / UL
10 Employee Motivation and Employee recognition 3/6 Hrs Sup/ Mgrs/CEOs
11 Employees’ Participation 3/6 Hrs For all Employees? UL
12 Ergonomics For Industrial Safety 3/6 Hrs Operators/Sup/Mgrs / UL
13 Foundation Skills for Team Leaders & Supervisors 3/6/12 Hrs Sups / Mgers / UL
14 Human Relationship 6 Hrs All Employees / Students / UL
15 ISO- 9000and other standards -- Awareness Programmes 3/6 Hrs Ind. Employees & Students
16 Management At Work – Deming’s Way 6 Hrs Sup/Managers
17 Managing Frustrations 3 Hrs Managers / Sups
18 Master Key To Promote Human Resource 6 Hrs Managers
19 Maximize your natural leadership capabilities 3/6 Hrs Sups /Mgrs / UL
20 Mission Critical customer care 3/6 Hrs Marketing and Servicing
21 One day Awareness Programme on SIX SIGMA 3/6 Hrs Ind. Employees & Students
22 Operator’s Role In Quality 3/6 Hrs Operators / Supervisors / UL
23 Plant Maintenance - Prerequisite For Quality 6 Hrs Operators / Sups / Mgrs
24 Presentation Techniques and Business writing 3/6 Hrs Sup/ Manager / UL
25 Proven marketing strategy to grow your business 3/6 Hrs All Marketing Employees
26 Problem Solving and Troubleshooting 3/6 Hrs Sup / Mgr / Operators
27 Quality Circle for productivity 3/6 Hrs Ind. Employees & Students
28 Quality Control and Quality Assurance 6 Hrs Ind. Employees & Students
29 Quality Systems Concepts 3/6 Hrs Sup / Manager / CEO
30 Recruitment / Interview Skills 3/6 Hrs Industry / Colleges
31 Rock Solid Leadership 3/6 Hrs Sups /Mgrs / UL
32 Seven Deadly Diseases of Management 6/12 Hrs Sups / Mgrs /CEOs / UL
33 Staff Development – Industry / Institutions 3/6 Hrs Industry / Institutions
34 Staff Development Strategies 3 Hrs Industry/Institution
35 Study skills for students 3 Hrs Students-college/ Schools
36 Team Work / Team Building For Productivity 6 Hrs For all Employees / UL
37 Teambuilding for Industry 6 Hrs Operators/Sups / Mgrs / UL
38 Teambuilding for Institutions 3/6 Hrs Lecturers/Teachers/ Students
39 Time Management 6 Hrs For All Employees / UL
40 Time Management for Institutions 3 Hrs Students and Lecturers
41 Total Productive Maintenance 3/6 Hrs Operators/Maintenance / UL
42 Waste Reduction a wealth Creation 3/6 Hrs Operator/Sup/ Manager / UL
43 What Are Employers Looking For? 3/6 Hrs Operators /All Staff / UL
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