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Welcome to this Management for change.
We know our information will be of high value for you and benefit your current and future plans to face the onslaught of globalisation on Education and to tackle the industrial recession.

Our courses alert STUDENTS AND TEACHERS to cope up with the COMPLEXITY IN EDUCATION.

Some Companies and Institutions saw recession as a great opportunity. They have come out of the recession challenges ahead of their competitors in large part due to their refusal to cut their training budgets. In fact increased the trainings to tackle the recession challenges.

Believe us, cut in Training and Manpower arbitrarily will only escalate the problems and cannot give you the desired result.

Benefits from our Trainings :
Career Compass: Our Courses will help to find out where the students want to go and figure out how to get there. In the future, your students/clients can use our path to success as a personal compass for making decisions about the direction they want their careers to take.

• CREATE personal skills inventory
• RESEARCH career paths
• DISCOVER factors affecting career opportunities

Career Planning is about identifying what you’re good at and how your skills, talents and interests translate into work and learning options that make sense for you, on your schedule. Find information and resources to help you make career decisions.

Our training methods can help you create a profile of who you are and what you want. Explore career ideas and develop a roadmap for your future.

We do not believe that there is a - one size fits all change intervention, as each organization is unique. Therefore, our process is to work with our clients to implement systems and processes that meet their specific needs:

With these understandings, our trainings are designed, developed and delivered to:
• Set expectations
• Create utility to participants
• Create interest
• Stimulate senses
• Establish positive transfer
• Provide immediate application
• Encourage participation
• Motivate for Action & Implementation

Topics Duration  Contents
Bench Marking 6 Hrs Definition / Establishing Operating Targets / Establishing Productivity Programmes / Matrices / Practices / Gaps / Closing the Gaps / Management Commitment / Organisation Communication / Employees Participation
Quality Systems Concepts 6 Hrs Basic Quality Concepts / What Is ISO 9000 / QS 9000 / ISO-14000 / QS Strategies – Selection of QS Type / Management Commitment / Managing QS Development / Audit / Sustenance / Summary
Quality Assurance 6 Hrs Quality Concepts / Role Of Management / Qlty Oriented Procedures And Practice / Quality Vs Market / Vendor Qty / Qlty Vs External Pressure / Qlty Dept Set up and Mgmt / Qlty and The Future
Ergonomics the Art of Safe Working 6 Hrs What is Ergonomics? / The benefits of an Ergonomic program /Ergonomic related injuries and their causes / Identifying Ergonomic Risk Factors / Office Ergonomics / Industrial Ergonomics / Control Strategies to minimize risk / What you can do to prevent injury? / Summary
What are Employers Looking for? 6 Hrs Communication Skill / Positive Attitude / Flexible & Adaptable Nature / High Performance Setting / Good Work Ethics / Taking Responsibility / Productive / Honesty and Reliability / Willingness to Keep Learning / Creative and innovative / Problem Solving Ability / Demonstrate Commonsense / High Energy Stamina / Educated / Summary
Master Key to Promote Human Resource 6 Hrs Adequate Working Space / Adequate Ventilation and Lighting / Adequate Furniture and Accessories / Provision of Proper Drinking Water / Good Sanitary Arrangements / Proper Canteen Facilities / Proper Safety Precautions / Relaxation Environment / Silence / Reducing Noise Pollution / Reducing Environment Pollution / Awards and Rewards / Participative Environment / Involvement and Commitment / Equality with Responsibility and Authority / Accountability
Organisational Climate 12 Hrs Executive Leadership / Values / Management Leadership / Planning / Communication / Measurement / Performance Management / Training and Development / Employee Involvement / Employee Welfare / Employee Satisfaction / Identifying Need / Customer Relations / Customer Feedback / Customer Satisfaction / Design and Innovation / Suppliers / Quality Control / Continuous Improvement
Managing Frustrations 3 Hrs Introduction to Industrial Situations / Industrial Relationships / Frustration is a welcome feature? / What makes one frustrated? / Definition of Frustration / Frustrate the frustration / Behaviour and Attitude / Manager’s Responsibility / Organisation’s Commitments / Summary
Operator’s Role in Quality 6 Hrs Quality is nothing Special / Quality Awareness / Money is not Everything / QC & QA Principles and Benefits 5S – Housekeeping Principles & Benefits / Kaizen Principles and Benefits / Teamwork Principles and Benefits / Time Management Principles and Benefits / Customer Satisfaction / Attitude and Behaviour / Management Role in “ Role Development.”, Summary
Plant Maintenance Pre-Requisite for Quality 6 Hrs What is Maintenance / Aim / Needs / Function / Types / Economics and Benefits / Training and Motivation / Logistic Supports / Barriers / Reasons for Failures / Controls
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